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What Do the World’s Deadliest Animals Have to Do with Investing?

As much as we all like to think of ourselves as rational, occasionally we worry about things we probably shouldn’t. Here’s an example: what worries you more, getting bitten by a shark or a mosquito? If you said the shark you might want to think again. Check out the infographic on the World’s Deadliest Animals which shows that although 10 people a year die from shark attacks, 725,000 die from mosquito bites. Sometimes when we focus on the wrong thing,
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The Seven Roles of an Advisor

What is a financial advisor for? One view is that advisors have unique insights into market direction that give their clients an advantage. But of the many roles a professional advisor should play, soothsayer is not one of them. The truth is that no one knows what will happen next in investment markets. And if anyone really did have a working crystal ball, it is unlikely they would be plying their trade as an advisor, broker, analyst, or financial journalist.
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Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

You’re in a hurry to get somewhere, but you’re stuck in traffic on a crowded freeway. It seems like the lane you’re in just isn’t moving. But the cars in the next lane keep passing you. You’re too smart to just sit there, so you change lanes…only to find that now the lane you were just in is moving and you’re stuck again. As you keep changing lanes, you realize you’re actually going slower and getting more frustrated. It is
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