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Why Nobody Wants to be Wrong

Why do so many investors make decisions based upon emotional reactions to short-term events? Because we’re human. Greek debt troubles, Chinese stock market declines…it’s normal to feel anxiety during economic downturns or market turmoil, but acting upon those anxieties can lead to poor investment decisions. The key is finding the balance between emotion and reason. Research in behavioral finance deals with cognitive errors or biases that all of us tend to make, especially in times of stress. One of these
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Indexing vs Asset Class Investing?

We are living longer. No matter what your age, you can expect to live much longer than the generations before you. For example, the typical 65-year old couple today has a 30-year joint life expectancy, meaning there is a high probability that at least one of them will live to age 95. Moreover, there are more people living to the age of 100 than ever before. This increased longevity has important financial implications. Obviously, if you’re living longer, your money
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