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U.S Presidential Elections and Financial Markets

    This article is featured in the summer edition of our 360 Insights Quarterly Client Newsletter. For those of us who have experienced more than one or two presidential election cycles, the 2016 campaign seems to be more heated and contentious than usual. The stakes are high for the economy and financial markets, as new political leaders will need to address a wide range of pressing issues. While political decisions can and do have long-term impact on measures of
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Index Reconstitution: The Price of Tracking

Index funds are an innovative solution for investors that provide diversified investments at low fees. On any given day, an investor can observe the performance of indices from providers such as MSCI,1 S&P,2 or Russell3 —and that means it’s easy to monitor whether or not an index fund manager replicated the index’s performance (gross of fees and expenses). However, an index fund manager’s strict adherence to an index comes at a cost in the form of reduced discretion around trading. Most indices revise
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4 Ways to Help Manage Risk

Source: Dimensional. In U.S. dollars. Market cap data is free-float adjusted from Bloomberg securities data. Many small nations not displayed. Totals may not equal 100% due to rounding. Past Performance is not indicative of future results. All investments involve risk. Foreign securities involve additional risks including foreign currency changes, taxes and different accounting and financial reporting methods. Countries represented by their respective MSCI IMI(net div.). Indexes are unmanaged baskets of securities in which investors cannot directly invest; they do not
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