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Flip a Coin and Learn About Your Portfolio

    Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a gambler, you probably can answer this question correctly: Are you likely to lose more money placing one $100 bet or 50 $2 bets? If you answered the $100 bet you are right, but what does this have to do with investing? Imagine that we flip a coin. If it comes up heads, I’ll pay you $2; if it comes up tails, you’ll pay me $1. We can play this
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History on the Run

When news breaks and markets move, content-starved media often invite talking heads to muse on the repercussions. Knowing the difference between this speculative opinion and actual facts can help investors stay disciplined during purported “crises.” At the end of June this year, UK citizens voted in a referendum for the nation to withdraw from the European Union. The result, which defied the expectations of many, led to market volatility as participants weighed possible consequences. Journalists responded by using the results
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Keep Your Eye on Your Goals

      If someone asked you, “Why is wealth important to you?” what would be your answer? In a survey of high-net-worth families, financial security was the most popular answer, followed by help children become successful, educate children and help the less fortunate.1 Financial security is more than money in our portfolios; it is the confidence that we can continue to live in dignity and support ourselves financially rather than rely on our children. A diversified portfolio that follows
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Why Global Stock Markets May be the Greatest Creators of Wealth We Have Ever Known

I cringe whenever I hear someone say that they’re, “playing the stock market.” The stock market is not a competitive game, with winners and losers. Instead, it offers the potential for every investor with a globally diversified portfolio and a long-term perspective to win. Here’s why: If you’re “playing” you’re probably doing a lot of buying and selling based on what stocks you think will underperform or outperform. But we know from history and extensive research that almost no one
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Main Street vs. Wall Street — Why Investing is NOT Speculating

I was talking with a new prospective client and he shared that he felt the financial system is rigged against him — constructed by policy makers, regulators, banks, rating agencies and Wall Street firms for their own benefit. Investors can sometimes feel as if they are playing in a casino, where the house always wins.This very common sentiment made me reflect on how poorly served we are by Wall Street as a whole, as well as the financial media. All
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Would you go to Pfizer for a physical?

Soon I will have my dreaded annual appointment with my doctor. There is a high chance she will make me go through at least one uncomfortable test, tell me to take it easier on my knees and back by playing less golf and tennis, and perhaps even give me a shot. In general, I follow her advice (except the less golf and tennis part) because I believe my doctor has my best interests at heart when she makes recommendations. But
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