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Can Your Kids Really Afford That House?

Home Ownership: Can your kids really afford that house? “Our recently married son is looking to buy a home: How much of a home can he and his wife afford and how much should they put down?” This is one of the most common and important questions I’m asked each year. My initial response is to “please proceed with caution.” Buying a home before they are ready is one of the most detrimental decisions I come across with young adults, not only as
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3 Reasons Investors Should Update Their Investment Policy Statement

Just as regular health checkups with a qualified physician are an important proactive step to maintaining your physical health, regular financial checkups with an experienced financial advisor are an important proactive step to maintaining good financial health. A proper financial checkup starts with a review and update of an investor’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is a synopsis of an investor’s objectives, constraints and policies that govern the relationship with their financial advisor. It helps foster: Prevention A well-constructed
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Premiums Can Appear, Disappear and Reappear Quickly

Weather — a topic everyone likes to talk about and few seem to be able to predict accurately. You know how it goes…the forecast calls for sunshine so you don’t bring an umbrella, but then get stuck in a downpour. Even with all the high-tech devices for predicting the weather, sometimes Mother Nature surprises us. Similarly, as investors, we often think we can figure out what is going to happen in the market, only to be completely surprised by something
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