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What Are You Aiming For?

When you look at the returns of a variety of asset classes over the past 15 years, it’s hard to find any meaningful patterns. The chart here shows the returns on 11 different asset classes since 2002, and it’s quickly evident that what was the star of last year rarely shines the brightest the following year. Source: Morningstar Direct 2016. Cash (BofAML 3M US Treasury Note TR USD). Index representation as follows: U.S. Large (S&P 500 Index), U.S. Large Value
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Markets Reward Long-Term Investors — Most Stocks Don’t

The fundamental value proposition of active management is that skilled managers can successfully pick winning stocks (and avoid poor performers).  Of course, the results historically have been far from encouraging, with the majority of active managers failing to beat their benchmarks or sustain any period of outperformance they are able to eke out. Surely it can’t be so hard for experienced money managers with access to cutting edge research and technology to identify stocks that will do well (or poorly)?
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Modernizing an Outdated Estate Plan

What to do with a Confusing, Old Trust Estate plans evolve. Or at least they should. Any plan that fails to achieve your goals and doesn’t match your current financial and family circumstances is out of date and is in need of an overhaul. We can help you revitalize the obsolete aspects of your plan and get you back on track for the future. How to know if you have an outdated trust If you or anyone you know signed
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When Rates Go Up, Do Stocks Go Down?

Unlike bond prices, which tend to go down when yields go up, stock prices might rise or fall with changes in interest rates. Should stock investors worry about changes in interest rates? Research shows that, like stock prices, changes in interest rates and bond prices are largely unpredictable.1 It follows that an investment strategy based upon attempting to exploit these sorts of changes isn’t likely to be a fruitful endeavor. Despite the unpredictable nature of interest rate changes, investors may
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