As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, we can choose any mutual fund company or companies to help us meet our clients’ needs. DFA’s disciplined, low costacademic approach to responsible long term investing without conflicts of interests has been a perfect reflection of our beliefs for the past 12 years. Take note of the very important last bullet point highlighted below…

DFA’s Disciplined Approach Earns It a Top Mark

  • Each strategy the firm adopts must be economically sound and backed by substantial empirical evidence that it has consistently delivered attractive returns across different markets and time periods.
  • Transaction-cost management is an essential tenet of DFA’s value proposition. It avoids high-turnover strategies and incorporates transaction costs into its portfolio construction framework. Because its funds do not track an index, DFA’s managers are not forced to trade when doing so would not be cost-effective.
  • Dimensional doesn’t chase trendy investment themes.
  • DFA has grown substantively during the past decade, now ranking among the top 10 mutual fund companies with more than 6 times the assets it had 10 years ago. It was able to accomplish that feat without traditional advertising.
  • The firm does NOT compensate or receive compensation from advisors who use its funds. Investments from financial advisors represent about 55% of Dimensional’s assets, while the remaining 45% comes from institutional clients.